How does FinTech change our lives?

How does FinTech change our lives?

Just look at music. Music is a perfect example of how tech, which is the heart of FinTech, changes lives. FinTech enables general innovation which supports change.

FinTech is like the spine of global commerce.

Back to music…

AI-Generated Music is changing the music that people are listening too

Music-making AI has advanced in the past few years and it is not new in the industry. Can artificial intelligence one day replace real human musicians? 

There are some good examples about applications in Artificial Intelligence:

Amadeus Code:

This is an artificial intelligence application that is able to sketch a song in minutes. For human song writers, it can vary from 10 minutes to 24 hrs to write a beautiful song. AI song writing applications can be a good way to spur creativity. There are settings to customize the taste including range, note, drama, familiarity. However, the quality of songs that are written by AI can be a huge issue. Sometimes songs written by AI do not sound in harmony. Human song writers create songs with much better quality. 

Google AI

Sound Search in Google Application became utilized a lot. It used a neural network 4 times the size of its predecessor. It also takes samples of a song twice a s frequently as before, it is going to increase the chances of getting a positive match. The chances of getting a good match are reduced when you are in a very loud or quiet environment. 

Artificial Intelligence can not tell you about people’s emotions and struggles with real human storytelling. It can be a creativity tool for musicians to push their inner music thirst. Also artificial intelligence applications can create a specific taste for the music industry. In conclusion, FinTech empowers change of all kinds. Moreover, music and ai being a simple example of tech and culture.