Do FinTech jobs pay well?

Do FinTech jobs pay well?

How much can you earn at a typical FinTech?

Financial Technology has become all the rage these days. From legal, to debt service to trading apps.

Firms like Robin Hood rose to the top.

Others such as Plaid sported eye-popping valuations.

Is it the career path for you?

So maybe you want a startup. More fun than big tech. As of May 15, 2022, the average annual salary for a US Fintech Startup stood at $100,592 a year.

Thats quite higher than the average US salary. Furthermore, a skilled engineer makes about $100,000 as well. Whereas many Fintech jobs will not require you to possess an advanced degree. As a result, a lower barrier for entry.

But hours often approach grueling levels as many entrepreneurs do not believe in weekends anymore. And thus your schedule starts taking shape in the form of an investment banking analyst. Did you really want to work that hard?

Often the allure of a Fintech job attracts many talented individuals. However, the reality is not always up to their liking. But for others a dream come true. As with any growth industry in the US there remains plenty of opportunity out there.

Do FinTech jobs pay well?