How do I get a job in FinTech?

How do I get a job in FinTech?

Is it easy or hard?

Finding a job in FinTech is not harder than any other tech sector. However, it is in fact easier than finance. On average. As a result of the huge number of startups requiring human capital.

Whether you are looking robo advisory online asset management FinTech firms. Such as, Rebellion Research or Or mortgage firms such as Moreover, there are even opaque esque firms offering niche products such as The Guarantors. An interesting business allowing anyone to rent an apartment who can afford one.

These firms on average are looking more aggressively for new talent than say an Which, froze hiring recently with the recent turn in the economy.

In fact many of the largest technology firms froze hiring over the last few weeks.

The negative economic headwinds now frighten many C suite executives.

However, many FinTech startups must hire now. They must continue innovating and growing in order to survive. While older, more mature companies can afford to hang out. And wait for the economy to turn for the better.

In conclusion, getting a job in FinTech is no different from any other industry. Just match your skills and passions with the needs of the job!

How do I get a job in FinTech?