How many fintech companies are in NYC?

How many fintech companies are in NYC?

How big has the FinTech scene become in New York City? Is New York City the king of the FinTech world?

According to various estimates. New York city lays claim to over 1,000 FinTech companies. However, some sources cite only around 700 FinTech companies.

But, how does that compare to San Francisco?

The original home of FinTech growth in the United States. Where SOFI started.

It is hard to say. Some only point to a few hundred in San Francisco. So it appears that New York City may be able to lay claim to FinTech king of America?

In conclusion, going forward, New York is far larger than San Francisco or Boston for that matter. And has far more wealth. So one would assume New York will keep the crown and run with it for the foreseeable future.

What is a FinTech job?

FinTech is defined as an advancing intersection of financial services with technological solutions. It may include businesses operating in asset management, insurance, and personal finance management, etc. These are usually in close rivalry with traditional financial institutions.

How many fintech companies are in NYC?