Is Atlanta the fintech capital?

Is Atlanta the fintech capital?

Many want to crown Atlanta king of the FinTech world!

In fact Atlanta now sits among the hottest FinTech cities around the country and even the world.

Moreover, according to the Technology Association of Georgia’s 2020 FinTech Ecosystem Brief. Now here are currently 170 fintech organizations located in the state.

Furthermore, we ventured to ( who is Making Atlanta the FinTech Capital of the World. Join Us. ( And found an awesome quote from Jane Elliott, the Chief Communications and Human Resources Officer of Deluxe.

When I am asked why we chose to expand in Atlanta I tell people it is simple: Atlanta is the home and future of financial technology innovation across the globe. Full stop. Nowhere else combines the diversity of talent, higher education institutions, and corporate leadership all designed to foster creative, innovative and entrepreneurial FinTech solutions. I’m incredibly proud of the work that FinTech Atlanta has accomplished in bringing together the resources and leaders to the table to build a truly global digital payments and financial technology presence in this area and I look forward to continued efforts in these areas. ”

Certainly seems like exciting times to work for FinTech in Atlanta! In conclusion we will keep our eye on this city!

Lastly, the weather in Atlanta certainly beats the snowy winters of New York City. But sad to say, New York City is still king of FinTech world. At least for now!

However, New York City is far more expensive than Atlanta. So consider a smaller salary in Atlanta offset by the much lower cost of living that you will encounter.

Is Atlanta the fintech capital?