Is Charlotte a FinTech hub?

Is Charlotte a FinTech hub?

Charlotte, North Carolina brings to mind cigarettes for most people. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, Charlotte has grown tremendously from the investments of big tobacco. However, coupled with the brain power of Duke and University of North Carolina. As a result, producing an economic hot ground!

Furthermore, some firms are even offering free coding classes. Charlotte Observer Due to the lack of talent for jobs. Many companies became desperate in searching for talent and decided to teach their workers on their own.

The FinTech industry in Charlotte witnessed such impressive growth over the last few years. That now even Benzinga. A well-known Wall Street site now lists the “Top 9 Charlotte Fintech Firms.”

One interesting selection is Mobile Parking Systems. Which has seen some very impressive growth to say the least. But, also Charlotte has a wide variety of firms. Allowing for a deep ocean of potential Fintech jobs for the young and hungry. In addition, the living conditions are great. Low cost. Nice weather. Very temperate winter. Not like living in Boston or New York City. There shoveling your car might kill you.

So with Charlotte consider a lower salary than a bigger city with the mindset that you will save a ton on your everyday living expenses and housing or rental expenses.

So, yes Charlotte is a Fintech hub today. And what’s more we think the future is very bright for this city.

Is Charlotte a FinTech hub?