What is a fintech business model?

What is a fintech business model?

A FinTech business model is a plan for a financial technology business!

However, today lets look at surrogate modeling in machine learning!

Surrogate modeling is a widely used model method in the machine learning industry, surrogate model means that an outcount of interest can not be directly measured. When building a model, engineers need to evaluate the design objectives and constraint functions as function of design variables.  

A limited number of selectively chosen data points becomes constructed to response of the simulator. As a result, the approach becomes understood as behavior modeling.

When a single design model becomes considered, the process becomes understood as curve fitting. As for the data scientist, there are several ways to construct the machine learning model. First of all, initial sample selection needs selecting. Secondly, it is time to construct and design the surrogate model.

Selecting the right machine learning algorithms to fit for the data can be an important step. Thirdly, running the algorithms and update the experiment with new data point. At the end, iterating the model until the result is good enough. 

Surrogate models is close to the complex behavior of the underlying simulation model. And used for sensitivity analysis, optimization and space exploration. The surrogate model became widely used in machine learning models, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, evolutionary computing, adaptive sampling and reflective exploration. 

What is a fintech business model?