What is the number 1 fintech company?

What is the number 1 fintech company?

Moreover, many believe Goldman Sachs is the number 1 FinTech in the world.
Furthermore, did you know about the interesting background of their CEO?

Goldman Sachs CEO David M. Solomon graduated from Hamilton college with a degree of political science and government. At the beginning of his career, he started working at a trust fund in New York City. He decided to join Goldman Sachs from Bear Stearns which was viewed as a bold move at the time. 

He has worked on loosening the dress code and more pay for programmers at the workplace.

In his free time, he also loves to DJ at various locations.

He has an Instagram account named D-Sol. He also did drop music records on the side. 

There are some machine algorithm thoughts given to the  DJ music industry. Nicc Johnson is a passionate musicologist and working on using algorithms to make up playlists automatically. He did an experiment between a real DJ and algorithms. The experiment contains two real DJs compared with a machine made playlist.  From my eyes, it is hard to tell the difference between playlists.

Here are three playlists:

Moreover, two made by DJs and one made by a machine learning algorithm.

Here is the comparison based on music theory.

It is hard to tell the difference between the playlists. In addition, it is interesting to see business venues use the application to do music at events. Furthermore, it can be a great supportive tool for DJ to try new things. Maybe David M Solomon is going to use it when he is working on his DJ playlist.

What is the number 1 fintech company?