FinTech Jobs NYC

FinTech Jobs NYC : What is the secret to landing a FinTech job in New York City or Manhattan for that matter?

Is Queens easier to find a job than Manhattan? Do the outer boroughs of New York City present an easier path for a career in FinTech?

Firstly, in New York, you will find a much more elitist attitude than other parts of the city. So, yes as a result of this society, you will need a degree. And moreover, the better the degree the more of an easy time you will find yourself having arriving at the perfect job in New York City.

Secondly, it pays to know someone. Look through your “rolodex” Linkedin. Facebook. Instagram. And reach out to any possible connections you may have. Don’t be shy. This is your life on the line. Your career is all you have. And you only have one shot at life. So don’t be shy!!!

Thirdly, get yourself some experience. Often this is more valuable than a good college. If you can put a name that people know. Or for that matter any name. You will be finding a much easier time. Look for internships. Irregardless of paid vs unpaid. What is important is your resume and the experience you present to future job hirers.

You want to look like the greatest possible expert in whatever skill you are marketing.

From people relations. To engineering. To strategic development. Or marketing.

Make yourself look experienced!

FinTech Jobs NYC