How does fintech make money?

How does fintech make money?

What are the main revenue sources for fintech companies globally? Will growth continue?

Moreover, FinTech see profits mostly from subscriptions. In addition, third parties. And lastly, advertising.

However, there are many more options for monetizing your product.

As a result of most FinTech companies currently existing in their early stages. From a financial and general perspective. Furthermore, the majority is focused on growth rather than profitability.

But, will FinTech companies replace banks time?

One case study points to an interesting shift. According to recent news. 

Existing fintech companies in India have gained one-third of new revenue at the cost of traditional banks.

In addition, there are various segments even in the Indian fintech space providing solutions in specific financial areas. Such as digital payments lending insurance, wealth management, peer-to-peer lending etc.

But, many of the best FinTech firms become bought out by the big banks. For example look at the recent purchase of UBS of Wealthfront. One of the leading robo advisors was just recently purchased. So now many speculate about Betterment. And whether it will stay single?

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How does fintech make money?