New York Fintech Jobs Near Me

New York Fintech Jobs Near Me

What are the hottest firms in New York City to work for? That is what many young fresh out of Ivy league or brilliant high school dropout wonders?

Moreover, is New York or San Francisco the king of FinTech jobs? Or is there another place I should work?

Atlanta offers huge amounts of jobs. Furthermore, the cost of living in Atlanta is a fraction of either San Francisco or New York City. In Atlanta a fresh out of college worker can find an apartment for less than $1,000 vs in Manhattan where it will run you north of $3,000.

However, in New York city you can work at cool places like the World Trade Center or Hudson Yards. Two extremely desirable state of the art office centers attracting Google and Facebook. Plus the coolest new fintech’s around.

But, your apartment in New York will be tiny. Or in San Francisco you might have to live an hour outside of the city. Oakland is already witnessing a huge run up in their apartment cost. As a result, longtime locals complain about not being able to afford homes anymore.

But to find the best NYC fintech jobs near “we” you should check out our jobs section or one of the leading jobs sites. We love Linkedin! But many are wonderful!

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