What is FinTech innovation?

What is FinTech innovation? What is an area of technological development that will change the world and landscape of FinTech?

Artificial intelligence has been widely tested in car systems for future use, having a well trained system to protect drivers is a really important feature for the system. AWS recently invented a small artificial intelligence car named DeepRacer. It is a four wheel drive and the battery can last for two hours. In addition, the auto-driving system built on Ubuntu and Robot Operating system software.  

The mini car contains one battery for running the system and one battery for the R/C car platform. It is the first radio car that is able to install reinforcement algorithms and is able to self drive for two hours. Equipped with a 4 megapixel camera for 1080p resolution, fast WIFI, and multiple USB ports. The DeepRacer car works on a fully developed cloud environment and it uses a reinforcement learning model. Moreover, the reinforcement learning model develops in the AWS SageMaker environment. It is a perfect tool for programmers to learn how to build machine learning algorithms on a car.  Also the program became developed in a 3D simulation model in AWS reinforcement learning algorithms which reacts to different situations.

In conclusion, one of the greatest advantages for DeepRacer is being able to work without the labeled training data. As for reinforcement learning, it is able to optimize for the long-term goal by collecting data for a long time. AlphaGo has used reinforcement learning too. Reinforcement learning contains continuous task and will continue forever with no terminal state. Lastly, the car needs to learn how to choose the best actions and simultaneously interacts with collected data.

What is FinTech innovation?