Does FinTech Include Private Equity?

Does FinTech Include Private Equity?

So this is at the forefront of almost every junior banker and financially-minded undergrad. The almighty PE! And that’s not Price To Earnings Ratio! No, we are talking about the great KKR & Apollo.

Many students will choose their jobs after college specifically to work for a PE or Private Equity firm. For instance, Goldman Sachs has been a feeder for KKR and Apollo. While Morgan Stanley has been a feeder for Bain and Carlyle.

Do you have to work for an Investment Bank to get a PE job?

However, you can also work for a McKinsey or another prestigious consultant and hope to be picked. Many a headhunter grazes the young consultants fresh out of college. However, yes it is easier to get a PE job from an Investment Banking position at one of the bulge bracket. Or leading brand firms.

But, how much will I make?

Right after college if you can muster it. Don’t be shocked to make less than six figures. But, after two years of Investment banking. You can expect up to $400k in earnings. Though usually not that high to start. But take your time!

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Does FinTech Include Private Equity?