Is fintech a good investment?

Is fintech a good investment?

With the stock market crashing, many wonder if fintech still represents a fantastic new investment opportunity for main street America?

Robin Hood stock now trades below its cash value. What does this mean for the overall #fintech investing universe?

Moreover the Nasdaq when you take out the ultra large tech stocks has seen its value fall by enormous sums?

Getting back to Robin Hood…. Their stock has seen a healthy 90% decline in value from its peak share prices. Of course this is frightening off many potential investors to the space. But, is that what has to happen?

Does Fintech need to become a value investing space to re attract the growth investors of the world who have given up on it?

In addition, the Crypto Crash has frightened away money from tech investments in generals which has only exacerbated the tech crash and the lack of enthusiasm in fintech today.

But, does that mean now might be the best time to consider fintech?

Warren Buffett says to invest when others are panicking and then sell when others are greedy. If that is the wisest advice, then clearly now is a better than average time to consider a fintech investment.

Of course, you can always just pick a bad company and timing won’t matter as its destined to go to zero. And on the flip side, maybe you get lucky and roll your dice into the next Visa or Mastercard?

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Is fintech a good investment?