Is inflation going to go back down?

Is inflation going to go back down?

What is the future of inflation?

We have seen an insane jump in inflationary prices from boats to bath tubs. Everything is more expensive?

Do we need a recession to bring back pricing power to the consumer?

The consumer has been on a tear pushing up these prices and we really need a swinging of the supply / demand pendulum that economists love to look at so much?

Here is a nobel prize winner and Stanford Professor Paul Romer discussing inflation, he doesn’t think hyperinflation will happen. I guess as it turns out even Nobel prize winners can make mistakes. Though Paul is still a total genius!

Nobel Prize Winning Economist & Stanford Professor Paul Romer on Hyperinflation & Protecting Science

But, when will see relief? We definitely need oil to drop back to $90 or less per barrel.

But, soybeans need to drop as well. However, will the bottleneck of supply chain keep a choke hold on goods that pushes inflation despite a drop in prices? What if we get runaway inflation? Are we finished? As an economy, the United States will be in trouble. Thats for sure. But, we have to hope to avoid this destiny.

Is inflation going to go back down?

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