What is FinTech banking?

What is FinTech banking?

FinTech or (financial technology) has become a ‘catch-all’ term referring to¬†software, mobile applications, and other technologies created to improve and automate traditional forms of finance for businesses and consumers alike.

Is it different from normal banking?

How do you get a job in this field and is the pay better?

For many students and young executives out there, investment banking has become the holy grail of job fields. One that pays a ton and offers lucrative career choice. Whether its private equity, hedge funds or being a future CEO of America. Moreover, becoming an investment banker has become the “chosen” path for many to make their careers.

However, recently, many wonder if in fact #fintech investment banking of “Fintech Banking” emerged as the dominant awesome place to aim for. The reviews are in and they are mixed. A number of top tier bankers told us that whether you focus on tech, software, utilities or chemicals. It almost doesn’t matter at an early age. What matters is your focus as time goes on. Because in fact you will be pigeon holed in that sector.

However, if your goal is just to receive the experience investment banking has to offer than it doesn’t matter which industry you choose.

But, if you want a career in fintech. Then yes it does matter a ton and you must focus on getting into a fintech industry. But of course, there are detractors. Those that say just get a job at Goldman Sachs!

And others will say, learn banking from a small shop vs a big one.

But, if you want to work in fintech, focus on fintech as soon as possible!

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What is FinTech banking?