What should your first priority of investing be?

What should your first priority of investing be?

Returns at a low price. Furthermore, maximizing your earnings.

However, most people lose to the S&P 500.

And if that is the mathematical case, you almost can’t pick a fund. So consider index investing.

Ok, so, if you are a young fintech professional with debt, but a six-figure income… Consider buying the SPY in a CHEAP brokerage account at either Interactive Brokers or Etrade.com. Furthermore, consider low cost robo advisors as well if you want diversity and you don’t know how to achieve it. Or you want performance at an affordable rate, such as Ai Robo Advisor Rebellion Research.

What should my first investment account be?

Moreover, many financial professionals will tell you that it is a financial cushion. One that is built essentially between you and those unexpected expenses and unwanted expenses. Ones that you didn’t see coming. Many of the smartest planners will advise that you should aim to have at least $500 put away in an “emergency fund”. However, as time progresses, aspire growing your fund to three to six months’ worth of expenses.

Nobel Prize Winning Economist & Stanford Professor Paul Romer on Hyperinflation & Protecting Science – YouTube

What should your first priority of investing be?