Why is Miami the new tech hub

Why is Miami the new tech hub?

Why is Miami the new tech hub? What has turned Miami into the newest Fintech mega city set to overtake New York?

If you look at Linkedin. You will find that when you search for “fintech jobs”. You will encounter 8,000+ results in New York City area. Vs in Miami, where you encounter half of that, at 4,000. So yes, New York. You are still King!

But, Miami is climbing and much of New York flees to Florida and the Miami region for the tax status and new world of “work from home”.


Of course anyone can see why when you consider living in a tropical climate. However, for many the seasons are beautiful. But, for most, winter became a brutal reality for most. One they would or might rather avoid by living in Florida. Just wait a second when it comes to tax status. If you really want to live in Florida and plan on switching your jurisdiction from say an Illinois, New York or Mass., well, prepare for an audit. Thats all we are going to say. Those states are going after just this sort of thing. Where they stand to make a huge return for their efforts. Imagine being able to tax you on many years, plus fines and interest. It is a windfall for these states. So make sure to commit to the proper time per year.

Why is Miami the new tech hub?

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