How does FinTech change real estate?

How does FinTech change real estate?

What is the future of real estate and FinTech? Will you be able to sell your home easier? Furthermore, will you be able to buy a home easier? Will you be able to invest in real estate easier? Moreover, will you save money on everything?

Well, the answer is a big emphatic, yes to everything above!

When you start combing through the hot offerings of the past few years you find The Guarantors, who help you finance an apartment for rent!

Then you find Fundrise which allows you to invest in real estate deals around the country.

But, then there is also Latch, the automated technology enabled door in your smart phone! Who doesn’t love that!

Of course, there is always Google and their smart management of your home’s heating and cooling.

But then, old time players like ADT are still technically FinTech and offer a more convenient life for you via technology in your world.

And when it comes to buying or selling a home, look no further than which allows the user to view available properties in an area. Furthermore, it provides historical data on that property from taxes to past transactions. Layouts, etc. And of course, there are also the electronic charging companies, so that you can make sure your garage runs equipped. And your EV runs fully loaded in the morning. But, don’t forget about cheaper home management. There are a number of apps now offering easy to use home cleaning, house management and virtual butler service.

So, really the question is what part of the home has not become affected by the FinTech wave? And last shout out goes to one of the original Real Estate tech firms out there, Costar Group! An absolute beast of an offering that is almost a monopoly for the fantastic data it offers.

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How does FinTech change real estate?