How is AI used in FinTech?

How is AI used in FinTech? Why is Artificial Intelligence such a perfect technology for FinTech firms to operate their businesses today?

Artificial Intelligence consists of machines that have an ability for following an intelligent set of instructions or commands.

Whereas Machine Learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence preoccupied with trying to learn. And as a result, write its own code and form its own continuously evolving model. For an evolving model is key. Moreover, one that responds to an ever-changing dataset. Because that is what we all seek in the end. An adaptable and portable model that can discern intelligent insight from a random data set.

And with FinTech, so many offerings have little customer interaction. In addition, rely on being intelligent. Evolved. Or furthermore, also rely on intelligently working with data. And then offering price savings for the consumer. Streamlining as well. With an attractive graphical user interface of course.

Now with a down market. Relying on intelligent and efficient management of previously archaic methods becomes essential. Layoffs inevitably occur at times like these. And more will issues will arise. However, with more needs there will be a drop in available human resources to tackle those challenges.

In conclusion, we will continue to see Ai spread throughout the FinTech world.

Deep Learning God Yann LeCun

How is AI used in FinTech?