Is Amazon a fintech?

Is Amazon a fintech?

Simple question. And the answer is a big yes! Financial services, consumer oriented and tech enabled.

Consider their Amazon Alexa. The ultimate “fintech” octopus tentacle. Lurking in the consumers home keeping them tethered to your product

Amazon Alexa has been a popular device for people who want smart homes.

It is able to tell you the weather, play music and chat when you are bored. Setting up Alexa and helping Alexa to do more things can be a pretty complicated process. There are so many things that Alexa can do however people need to have enough patience to write the code and let Alexa learn. There are some things that Alexa can learn to do if people put some machine learning code in Alexa. 

AWS DeepLens is an important part to build up the whole process for machine learning on the cloud. As for Alexa, several parts generally find themselves controlled by programmers. The biggest strength for Alexa is to have the voice recognition feature. Automatic speech recognition utilized by Alexa, moreover, helps machines to understand human language and translate it into machine learning language. Processed by natural language understanding with various parameters.

Smart home concept became developed for many years. And achieved by businesses lately because of technology advancement. The ideal smart home is able to detect what human beings want and react to it without people’s movement.

Furthermore, the architect solutions for connecting AWS DeepLens and AWS Alexa skill contains multiple parts.

In conclusion, all the internet policies on Cloud find themselves regulated by IoT rule. And lastly, the data stream usually becomes monitored by Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. 

Amazon Alexa Inventor Jeff Adams

Is Amazon a fintech?