Is cryptocurrency part of fintech?

Is cryptocurrency part of fintech?

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Is Crypto part of the FinTech World?

An emphatic yes! In fact Crypto represents one of the hottest parts of the FinTech universe.

From Gemini to Coinbase, this industry represents a real muscle in the FinTech body. And yes Crypto just crashed over 50% and in some cases 100%. Terra just went up in smoke. And now the lending platform Celsius has stopped withdrawals. So yes, thats not good for FinTech and crypto. However, bad things will occur with any industry. Especially early stage technology, which Crypto is. So their business failures are part of a normal business movements of the normal business cycle.

And the blockchain world which very much came to the scene among the growth of Crypto is a major facet of the FinTech world. However, some people would also categorize blockchain as a part of the Crypto universe. Whereas others feel its separate. Again we point to Arbol. One of the Fintech companies NOT using Crypto but, using the blockchain to operate.

So yes blockchain is separate from crypto and both are major parts of fintech.

Eventually this crypto crash will end and the industry will commence growth, it could be months or years. But, this space has a huge core of “believers” driven to build and get through this bad period of time. You don’t have short term cut and run people in this tech.

Is cryptocurrency part of fintech?