Is FinTech overvalued?

Is FinTech overvalued?

Have valuations hit an extreme? Or have we seen the reckoning that many expected?

We just witnessed the Nasdaq receive a pummeling. In fact look at Robin Hood. Once the greatest FinTech darling around. Now Robin Hood finds themselves looking at a sock price down almost 90% from its all time highs just a few short months ago. And where do we go from here? Thats the question many ask right now. How can funding occur with valuations so far apart in investors and entrepreneurs’ minds. What we could fetch in the spring and winter does not exist anymore for most FinTech firms. Lower valuations is a thing of now. A reality we must accept.

Where will FinTech valuations go from here?

The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan said of US income tax receipts and inflation:

A surprisingly large percentage of US income tax receipts are tied to a rise in US stock prices.  When the US stock market just stops rising … not falls, but just stops rising … that will put pressure on the receipt side of the US fiscal picture, which no one is talking about.”
And this was spoken back on 5/19/15!

Now the question is how deep will the recession be. In addition, how long will it last? Moreover, will we see a -1% drop in GDP or a more painful -5% drop in GDP numbers?

How bad will the Fed keep cutting rates which in turn will further drive down FinTech valuations?

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Is FinTech overvalued?