What are B2C uses of fintech?

What are B2C uses of fintech?

Moreover, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, payments, weath management, investing, and retirement savings.

However, we are wondering about another use of technology.

What about delivery apps? Do those constitute a fintech? We think so!

As Covid has almost passed, people are enjoying the food delivery service in the city like never before. It is super convenient to have the food to deliver to the door. There are several food delivery services that are working really well and there are some new robotic technologies that are able to deliver the food faster. 

Young people are reading news about robotics delivering food to the balcony of the buildings. Those are super interesting experiments. 

A lot of analysts are watching the food delivery industry lately. More and more people are enjoying staying in their room and watching TV with food delivered. The pricing for food delivery also varies by distance and applications. Different food delivery applications have different pricing structures. 

In conclusion, we feel that this might be stretching it. However, many will leave delivery apps in the category of B2C FinTech industry.

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What are B2C uses of fintech?