Is a career in FinTech good?

Is a career in FinTech good? Should one choose FinTech as the career path of tomorrow? How does a worker decide on whether to enter FinTech?

Firstly, one needs to ask themselves the simple question. Do we have a passion for finance and technology? Or are we just trying to make decent money somewhere?

Just be honest with yourself. If your a programmer looking for the highest payout. Know what your looking for. If your a salesman looking for a product to sell, then consider a FinTech position only on a compensation vs compensation criteria.

Moreover, certainly only pursue a lower paid position in FinTech if you have a huge love for the industry.

However, we would suggest only pursuing FinTech if you have a huge love for the industry. Try and stick to your passions. You will be happier and perform better with greater output and eventually as a result of a better work performance, you will likely see a higher salary.

Warren Buffett always says the best investment anyone can make is in themselves. And your happiness will be your main driver of success and work potential. Consider yourself a car. And happiness is a crucial part of your “gasoline supply”. Of course, a great salary supplies a good deal of “happiness” and might be difference maker for you.

From an educational standpoint we recommend the following upcoming conference:

Consider Cornell School of Engineering’s Future of Finance FinTech Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Conference this September 16th, at Cornell Tech. Located on Roosevelt Island in New York City. At Cornell University’s New York City campus named Cornell Tech.

Is a career in FinTech good?