Can you invest in fintech?

Can you invest in fintech? How can you invest in the FinTech industry now that the market has been pummeled, how much of a discount exists?

Firstly, you can find some private deals. But, secondly, buying ETF’s is the easiest way to realize an investment in FinTech, while simultaneously realizing the recent sell off in the stock market.

Now, thirdly, there is another option entirely, you can start your own FinTech, but that is pretty hard!

And of course, fourthly, you can invest in individual stocks that witnessed a murdering of their share price.

For instance, many customers swear by their Robin Hood accounts. And if that sounds like you, maybe consider Robin Hood stock now that its price levels suffered a near 90% drop from peak market values.

But, buying individual stocks can be painful, tough and involve lots of timing risk. So as a result, it really may not be for you.

It is really all about the risk spectrum. Of course, Venture Capital being the most risky, ie investing in a buddy’s startup that needs funding now to survive. Vs of course, the safest way to invest, which is in a diversified set of FinTech ETF’s. There exist maybe 7 or 8 total FinTech ETF’s you could invest your allocated FinTech investment amount equally among those based on their average share trading. Remember you will need to be able to sell this position without affecting market prices.

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Can you invest in fintech?