Is FinTech hard to learn?

Is FinTech hard to learn? What is the barrier to entry like for achieving a place in the FinTech world? How hard is it to acquire a FinTech job that makes you happy?

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Firstly, anyone can work in sales! Really from automobiles to computers to FinTech products, sales is about people skills and persistence. Traits anyone can work on and anyone can find. So yes, FinTech sales is open for practically anyone willing to work hard at it!


This is another skill that anyone can acquire with a little hard work. Simple programming classes exist online for free. Moreover, can take just a few weeks and can offer you a huge amount of opportunity. Opportunity is boundless with the right programming skills.


Again, another skill area that is open to almost anyone willing to learn! From accounting to office work, much of FinTech administration is work that is similar to almost any other industry.

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Customer Service

Some Robo Advisors might require you to get a series 65 or series 7. However, most customer service jobs in the FinTech universe require very little skills. This is a total people skill position.

Is FinTech hard to learn?