What will be the future of FinTech?

What will be the future of FinTech? Is it Blockchain or Cryptocurrency or chips inserted into brains that allow direct control over finances?

Its hard to say.

Ask a crypto.com representative and surely you will hear about blockchain and crypto. However, ask a Robin Hood executive and of course you will hear about something to do with the stock market.

Many people felt that Google Glass might represent the future of finance. As you could control your bank account and brokerage account and mortgage account all from the ease of your lenses.

Of course if Elon Musk gets his way and you can use brain inserted chips to access data and then sky is the limit for the potential automation and efficiency of future FinTech initiatives. Imagine being able to imagine paying your mortgage and doing it. Actually using your brain to move money from your bank account to your mortgage lender. Of course that might scare many people who are worried about what they might get up to when they are drunk or asleep. So naturally there would need to be breakers.

But, will banks exist in this future? What will Jpmorgan look like in 50 years? All of the ease of the FinTech dream?

What will be the future of FinTech?