Can I get a job in fintech?

Can I get a job in fintech? How hard is it to find a job in this new and profitable industry? With all of the growth I want in!

Yes of course you can find a job!

We believe that literally anyone with any background can achieve finding the job of their dreams in the FinTech world.

Consider Robo Advisor they have such a wide array of open jobs. You don’t need to go barking up the Crypto tree that just lost 3/4 of its assets and hope they have a job. Look for the players that are well financed and didn’t just witness a large market meltdown in their space.

Yes, they want to hire you too, but they have finance to worry about.

That also goes with the mortgage world. Real Estate FinTech is a hot space. But, recently with interest rates running up to sky high levels the interest in refinancing or taking down a new mortgage loan drops like a rock in society. Look who wants to pay 2x what they could have paid a year ago. The human incentive just drops to nothing and so yes avoid mortgages and crypto. Well, at least for now!

Stick to certain Venture Capital and Equity Funds.

Stick to the well financed!

Can I get a job in fintech?