Is there a future in fintech?

Is there a future in fintech? Now that the stock market has crashed and fallen nearly 40% for some indexes. Is FinTech still a golden place?

Many wonder if the best days are behind FinTech?

So many banks are copying the best FinTechs. In addition the best FinTechs are finding themselves purchased by the larger companies. Furthermore, the amount of capital sitting on balance sheets of US Banks is at an immense level. So spending some of that cash and taking on a little debt maybe to but a cool or hot new offering isn’t a big stretch. So maybe the best days of FinTech are behind it? Or maybe this acquisition spree will only fuel the fire so to speak. And that in fact more and more entrepreneurs will think of exciting new FinTechs?

Could perhaps we see another bubble in the FinTech world in time?

A bubble even larger than the previous one we just witnessed?

Could Robin Hood find themselves not only back to where they once traded, but even higher? They might be down 90%, but many a stock has fallen only to rise up and grow greater!

Nobel Prize Winning Economist & Stanford Professor Paul Romer on Hyperinflation & Protecting Science – YouTube

Is there a future in fintech?