What is a fintech fund?

What is a fintech fund?

Moreover, what makes it unique? Firstly, fintech is the subject or combining finance and technology to create better and more technologically advanced products. One which the consumer couldn’t find prior. In addition, products that should make whatever task better or easier for the consumer.

Does this entail just hedge funds or are mutual funds possible subjects?

In addition, what about ETF’s for FinTech?

ETF’s dedicated to FinTech is a whole other basket. There are a number of publicly traded ETF’s solely devoted to offering a diversified index of FinTech firms for your investment portfolio.

Furthermore, Venture Capital has embraced FinTech in a really awesome way.

VC or Venture Capital has poured money into the space with the expectations of creating the next Wealthfront.com or Betterment.com or RobinHood.com? The early investors of these innovative Robo Advisors realized awesome returns on their investments and saw small market values explode into the unicorn status.

Then one can also say that since crypto and blockchain are part of the FinTech universe. As such any fund investing in these two categories also meets the criteria for being considered a FinTech fund.

So you have Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, ETF’s to choose from!

What is a fintech fund?