Is Goldman a fintech?

Is Goldman a fintech? Goldman Sachs is possibly the most respected Investment Bank in the United States, if not the world. However, many wonder if now the bank has become a fintech?

Goldman definitely owns tons of fintech assets. Just take a look at their Marcus subsidiary!

Marcus became established as Goldman Sachs’ answer to the growing trend in Robo Advisors out there such as Betterment, Wealthfront or the Ai powered Rebellion Research funds. A firm that came to prominence offering artificial intelligence machine learning powered money management to investors of all sizes. See a whitepaper of theirs: Applying Artificial Intelligence To Investing

But, what about Goldman Sachs? Is Goldman a fintech? I guess the answer would have to be a “yes” because they own a fintech. But, also no, because much of the firm does not engage in fintech activities. It can be more than one thing. Especially in 2022, when labels are really something of the past. Goldman Sachs can be whatever it chooses!

In conclusion, we highly recommend trying to achieve a position at Goldman Sachs. Even if you plan on leaving, that position will boost your resume and as a result enable you to find more awesome futures in your midst!

Is Goldman a fintech?