Justin Zhen Thinknum : Where Is He Now?

Justin Zhen Thinknum : Where Is He Now?

Where has the founder and CEO of fintech hotshot and young data powerhouse Thinknum alternative data?

Outlets reported Justin took a leave of absence from being CEO of Thinknum Alternative Data?

But, why?

What is going on?

Here is Justin’s interview on CNBC:

Alternative Data CEO, on MicroVision, social media’s new darling (cnbc.com)

his bio from the Princeton Entrepreneurship council:

“Justin is a Co-Founder of Thinknum, a leading alternative data company specializing in web-crawled data. At Thinknum, Justin works with hundreds of investment firms, banks and corporations to develop innovative data sources which provide new insights into economic activity moving online. Prior to founding Thinknum, Justin worked at a quantitative hedge fund. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Financial Engineering. Lastly, Justin is one of Business Insider’s 2019 Rising Stars on Wall Street. Justin is also a frequent contributor on CNBC.” – Justin Zhen ’10 | Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

In conclusion, we only know that he has taken a leave of absence. Nothing else has been released from the company and they continue to put our articles.

However, if you go to Linkedin you can see that many people have left Thinknum in the last few weeks.

Justin Zhen Thinknum : Where Is He Now?