What type of degrees do you need for fintech sales?

What type of degrees do you need for fintech sales?

Sales roles in the fintech sector, like many sales positions across industries, often prioritize experience, skills, and personality traits over specific academic qualifications. However, certain degrees can provide a foundation that might be appealing to employers in the fintech space. Here are some degrees that can be relevant for fintech sales:

  1. Bachelor’s in Business or Finance: This gives you foundational knowledge of business operations, economics, and financial principles, which is directly relevant to fintech.
  2. Bachelor’s in Information Technology or Computer Science: While this may seem more technical, understanding the technological underpinnings of fintech products can be a strong selling point, especially if you’re dealing with sophisticated clients who require detailed product knowledge.
  3. Sales or Marketing Degrees: Some universities offer degrees in sales, marketing, or related fields. These programs often teach crucial sales techniques, customer relationship management, and other relevant skills.
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA): An advanced degree like an MBA, possibly with a focus on finance or technology, can provide a holistic view of business operations and can be especially beneficial for those aiming at sales leadership or strategic roles in fintech.
  5. Master’s in Financial Engineering or Financial Technology: Some universities now offer specialized postgraduate programs that blend finance and technology, precisely targeting the fintech sector.
  6. Certifications: While not degrees, certain certifications can also be advantageous in fintech sales. For example, obtaining a certification in a widely-used CRM software or undergoing specialized sales training can be a strong plus.

Skills and Qualities:

Outside of academic qualifications, fintech sales professionals should possess:

  • A solid understanding of the fintech landscape and emerging trends.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The ability to convey complex technical information in a manner that’s easily understood by potential clients.
  • A problem-solving mindset to understand and address potential client pain points with fintech solutions.
  • Adaptability in a fast-paced and evolving industry.


While certain degrees can provide a leg up in fintech sales, they are just one piece of the puzzle. Many successful salespeople in fintech come from diverse academic backgrounds but share a deep understanding of their products, a passion for the industry, and a relentless drive to serve their clients. Networking, gaining practical experience, and staying updated with the latest fintech trends can often be just as crucial as formal education.

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What type of degrees do you need for fintech sales? What type of degrees do you need for fintech sales?