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Is FinTech a gaming?

Is FinTech a gaming? Will the video game sector be the newest area for FinTech’s growth in 2023 and beyond? Let’s take a look at gaming giant Activision! The company

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Is FinTech overvalued?

Is FinTech overvalued? Have valuations hit an extreme? Or have we seen the reckoning that many expected? We just witnessed the Nasdaq receive a pummeling. In fact look at Robin

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Is Amazon a fintech?

Is Amazon a fintech? Simple question. And the answer is a big yes! Financial services, consumer oriented and tech enabled. Consider their Amazon Alexa. The ultimate “fintech” octopus tentacle. Lurking

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What is Consumer fintech?

What is Consumer fintech? Technically. The definition resides on the coming together of technology and finance. Hence FinTech. Or Financial Technology. How do we define what a consumer fintech company

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How is AI used in FinTech?

How is AI used in FinTech? Why is Artificial Intelligence such a perfect technology for FinTech firms to operate their businesses today? Artificial Intelligence consists of machines that have an

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Lebanon & FinTech

Lebanon & FinTech Lebanon is fast growing as a FinTech hub. It has really emerged as a major player in the space with both government and private sector capital investments

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What is insurtech and FinTech?

What is insurtech and FinTech? Insurance is one of the oldest and most established industries around and also ripe for change Insurtech refers to using technology and innovations, moreover, designed

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